A letter to every leader of Parliament


Hello and welcome. I have written this kind letter to each and every leader of our political parties in Canada. I would like for them to understand a situation in Canada that is not too commonly spoken of.




I trust this letter finds you well. I write today with a pressing concern that has too often been overlooked by our government – the plight of individuals grappling with Usher syndrome/ retinitis pigmentosa. As we celebrate strides in healthcare and social welfare, it grieves me to acknowledge the persistent neglect faced by this profoundly disadvantaged segment of our population. Those born with Usher syndrome or retinitis pigmentosa face a relentless challenge: the erosion of both sight and hearing, essential faculties for basic human interaction and safety. Each passing day sees these individuals confronting mounting struggles to comprehend and engage with the world around them. The dwindling clarity of their senses not only diminishes their quality of life but also undermines their fundamental right to independence and dignity. Amidst this adversity, the lifeline of hearing aids emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a semblance of connection and security in an increasingly dissonant environment.
Yet, tragically, this beacon remains out of reach for many. As someone with Usher syndrome (RP), I can personally attest to the financial burden imposed by the exorbitant cost of hearing aids, approximately $8500 every three years. This staggering expense presents an insurmountable barrier for individuals already teetering on the brink of financial precarity. Many, like myself, have seen careers derailed by this degenerative eye and hearing disease. Confronted with limited employment opportunities due to dual sensory impairment, these individuals find themselves shackled by economic hardship, relegated to the fringes of society, and deprived of the means to fully participate in Canadian life.
In light of the comprehensive support provided by the government through programs such as dental care, pharmacare, and daycare subsidies, it is only fair and just to extend similar assistance to those with Usher syndrome/ retinitis pigmentosa. This marginalized population requires specialized support to maintain their quality of life and independence. It is a very small percentage of the population with 1 in every 5000 people in Canada.
In a nation priding itself on compassion and equity, the disparity in access to essential aids and services stains our collective conscience and betrays our most cherished values. How can we, in good conscience, turn a blind eye to the cries for help from our fellow citizens grappling with the harsh realities of their condition? By extending financial assistance to cover the cost of hearing aids for individuals with Usher syndrome or retinitis pigmentosa, we not only alleviate their financial burden but also affirm their inherent worth and dignity as members of our society. We send a powerful message that their struggles have not gone unnoticed, and that we stand in solidarity with them on their journey towards empowerment and inclusion.
Moreover, denying access to hearing aids for those with limited vision imperils their safety and well-being. In a world fraught with hazards and uncertainties, the ability to hear serves as a vital lifeline, enabling individuals to navigate their surroundings with confidence and clarity. To deny them this basic safeguard condemns them to a life fraught with unnecessary risks and impediments, a fate no citizen of our nation should endure.
In closing, I implore you to heed the call of compassion and justice resonating within each of us. Let us embrace a future where no one is left behind or forgotten. Let us champion the cause of those marginalized and neglected, ushering in a new era of inclusivity and opportunity for all.
Thank you for your attention to this pressing matter, and I eagerly await your affirmative response.


Michael S


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